And God Created Burton

And God Created Burton

The Definitive Richard Burton Biography Launches 15th May

A sweeping saga spanning 1898 to 1984 stretching from the mining fields of South Wales to the film sets of Hollywood and from the playhouses of Cardiff to the grand theatres of Broadway - this new and far reaching biography rakes over the coals of the life of Britain's greatest ever actor, Richard Burton.

And God Created Burton is the first complete biography of the greatest Welshman who ever lived. The man conquered Hollywood in a way that no British actor had before or since. Rising to become the highest earning actor Britain has ever produced. His achievements were considered all the greater as they were accomplished in the era of great British actors such as Laurence Olivier and John Gielgud. All the more so as Burton's prowess uniquely spanned theatre, film and television a way no other actor has before. Burton became a genuine legend in his own lifetime and in the mid sixties for one year he stood at the very pinnacle of Hollywood as the world's most bankable actor. He also loved and lost some the most beautiful and talented actresses of the era including Elizabeth Taylor, Claire Bloom and Susan Strasberg. But he could have achieved even more but for his addiction to alcohol, a fate inherited from his father which stayed with him right to the end of his days, eventually killed him and tarnished an otherwise extraordinary career.

"They say that most men are moulded out of their faults. And, for the most, become much more the better for being a little bad."
William Shakespeare

"In all honesty, had he turned his considerable charms on me early in rehearsals, I do not know what my reaction would have been. He was that attractive."
Julie Andrews

"With Richard Burton I was living my own fabulous and passionate fantasy. Everyone bought tickets to watch Liz and Dick and we gave them what they wanted."
Elizabeth Taylor

"I came to dread the moment before dawn when Richard had to dress and go back to his wife."
Claire Bloom

"If there were twelve elephants on a stage, you would look at Rich. "
Richard Harris


About the Author

And God Created Burton is Tom Rubython's first book in the world of art and entertainment. He came upon the idea during the writing of his last book Shunt – the story of James Hunt. Hunt's first wife, Suzy Miller, was Richard Burton's third wife. Rubython found previous accounts in various Burton biographies woefully inadequate as well as inaccurate. So he resolved to write a proper and definitive biography of the great British actor, and And God Created Burton is the result.

Tom Rubython is best known as the author of Life of Senna, the definitive biography of Brazilian race driver Ayrton Senna. Life of Senna has become the biggest-selling third party biography of a racing driver, with 80,000 copies sold. Six years after its publication, it still sells over 8,000 copies a year.
Before beginning as a biographer, Rubython was well known in the world of magazine publishing, spanning the worlds of sport and business. Aside from his work in Formula One, he has been a specialist business writer for thirty years. In business, he is the former editor of BusinessAge, EuroBusiness and Spectator Business. In sport, he has edited F1 Magazine, BusinessF1 and SportsPro.

Rubython now specialises in non-fiction storytelling. He is passionate and methodical about the process of writing and researching the definitive biography. Starting out with a determination to tell the full story of a person's life, he emphasises what is important and de-emphasises what is not; the crucial tools of any biographer.

robert hardy ROBERT HARDY. Robert Hardy was an original contemporary of Richard Burton right from the earliest days of his acting career at Oxford University to wartime service in the Royal Air Force to the earliest forays in London and Stratford-upon- Avon to his death. His big break came in 1959 appearing opposite Laurence Olivier in 1959 in Coriolanus in Stratford. It won him a major part in the TV series of the day, the BBC's Troubleshooters in the late sixties. From then he didn't look back and was never off television and the stage until he won the lead role in the BBC's classic series All Creatures Great and Small in 1978. The series ran for 12 years. But for many his finest role was as Sir Winston Churchill in the Mini Series The Wilderness Years in 1981.

Roger Moore ROGER MOORE . Sir Roger Moore co-starred with Richard Burton in one of his most successful big screen appearances, The Wild Geese in 1978. Like Burton he is an English actor and best known for three career-defining roles as Simon Templar in the TV series The Saint in the sixties, as Lord Brett Sinclair in the TV series The Persuaders in the seventies and most famously as James Bond in the 007 films in the eighties. His career mimicked Burton’s stretching from 1945 and he is still is demand today at the age of 84 as a character actor. His long career has earned him millions of dollars and made him the best known English actor alive today.

And God Created Burton by Tom Rubython

800 Pages, 64 Pages Photos, Hardback, RRP £20

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Senna book signing

Tom Rubython at the book signing for The Life of Senna .

And God Created Burton is published by The Myrtle Press